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Wednesday, September 9, 2009

One Of My Heroes Has Passed Away!

Dr. Hulda Clark Passed Away on Sep. 3, 2009

From Ken Adachi, Editor

September 7, 2009

Dr. Hulda Clark Passed Away on Sep. 3, 2009

I just read an e-mail from Koen van Klei in The Netherlands informing me the Dr. Hulda Regehr Clark had passed away peacefully in her sleep on September 3, 2009. Tim Bolen reports that Dr Clark had died as a result of complications form a spinal cord injury that had plagued her for over five years. She was 82 years old.

Dr Clark was one of the most important health researcher and scientists of the past 50 years. In my opinion, she stands head and shoulders with the likes of Dr William Koch , Dr Joanna Budwig, or Dr Royal Raymond Rife.

And not unlike Drs Koch, Rife, and Budwig, she was hounded, harassed, ridiculed, and tormented by the vested interests of orthodox medicine and Big Pharma who hated her for enlightening the public about the true genesis of disease conditions and making available to anyone who read her books, ridiculously inexpensive and easy-to-obtain Nature-based therapeutic recommendations-which more often than not - worked like gang busters to solve the problem.

She understood that the human body is a child of Nature and functions according to rules of Nature, and not those of mechanistic science. She played a leading role in waking up the world to understand the pivotal role that micro-parasites, toxic metals, and solvents played in the development of chronic disease conditions.

Unlike the orthodoxy, who wishes to manage and "control" chronic conditions, Dr Clark was interested in CURING the disease-and that's why they went after her with a vengeance. I took a brief look at her Wikipedia entry before penning this note and I see that the jackals of slander and misinformation gave no quarter or respite, even in the wake of her passing.

I'll expound at greater length in another article about the importance of Dr. Clark's brilliant discoveries and address the upside down, groundless denunciations that incompetent, feckless shills for the Big Medicine continue to heap upon this saintly woman whose only desire in life was to aid and cure humanity of its diseases and infirmities.

Ken Adachi

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Occult Holidays & Sabbats

Valentine's Day

The occult calendar is divided into four (4) segments of 13 weeks each. The number, "13" is considered divine by the occultist for a couple of reasons:

1. The Bible assigns '13' the meaning of "rebellion against constituted authority", plus the depravity that caused Satan to rebel against God.

2. The occultist assigns '6' to represent the number of man, and the number '7' to represent the number of divine perfection.

Thus, as a person climbs that "Jacob's Ladder" toward self-perfection in the realm of the occult, the number '13' represents the state of divine perfection, self-achieved perfection, and Illumination (6+7 = 13).

Thus, the occult calendar is comprised of four periods of 13 weeks each. We list these periods for you, below. Then, after listing them, we shall come back to talk about each of them in detail.

1. Winter Solstice (13 weeks Minor Sabbath)

a. December 21 - Yule
b. December 21-22 - Winter Solstice/Yule. One of the Illuminati's Human Sacrifice Nights
c. February 1 and 2 - Candlemas and Imbolg, (a.k.a. Groundhog's Day). One of the Illuminati's Human Sacrifice Nights
d. February 14 - Valentine's Day

February 14th

Valentine's Day is a pagan festival that encourages love and physical lust. It is celebrated precisely 13 days after Imbolg, thus imprinting upon it the number '13', Satan's number of extreme rebellion. While most people view this day as the day to honor your wife or your lover, this celebration is steeped in paganism

Consider the camouflaged occult gods in Valentine's Day:

1. Cupid, the son of Venus, is really Tammuz, son of Semiramis

2. Venus, daughter of Jupiter, is really Semiramis herself. Jupiter is the head deity, a sun god, Nimrod, Semiramis' husband, is considered a sun god in the Babylonian Mysteries.

Listed below a pagan author describes February, the month in which Valentine's Day falls.

"The name of this month comes from the Roman goddess Februa and St. Febronia (from Febris, the fever of love). She is the patroness of the passion of love. Her orgiastic rites are celebrated on 14 February. It's still observed as St. Valentine's Day when, in Roman times, young men would draw billets naming their female partners.

This is a time of clear vision into other worlds, expressed by festivals of purification. On the 1st of February is the celebration of the cross-quarter day, or fire festival (Imbolc) a purificatory festival. It is followed on the 2nd by its Christian counterpart, Candlemas, the purification of the Virgin Mary."

["The Pagan Book of Days", Nigel Pennick]

Valentine's Day is actually a day of "orgiastic rites" in which the pagans encouraged the flow of lustful passion.

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